Lean Journey has built-in tools that users can access and navigate with ease and convenience. Learn, discuss, implement and maintain the success of Lean and Six Sigma principles across timezones, shifts and geography.

Learning Modules

Explore and learn Lean methodology with our blended learning model to minimize the steep learning curve with accelerated and hands-on learning.

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Create Learning Paths

A structured syllabus ensures that prerequisites are completed before continuing onto subsequent courses.

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Assess Learning

Use the assessment tools during and after courses to quickly gauge understanding. Particularly useful during Lean Bootcamps to give quick feedback to the instructor on learning milestones.

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Blended Learning Model

Take advantage of on-demand learning, instructor-led boot camps, and simulations to master theoretical and practical concepts.

Engage Journey Maps

Journey Maps® allow employees to be engaged and to fully engage and participate in the transformation. Easy sharing of tribal knowledge allows participants to adapt to a new environment quicker.

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Clear Next Steps

Journey Maps® allow associates to know what step to take next. Lay out clear expectations and best practices for employees.

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Capture your site's specific information in best practice templates that follow the step-by-step process outlined in the Journey Map®.

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Nano Certification

Earn Nano-Certifications for completion of specialized Roadmaps and proudly display on you LinkedIn profile with easy access to relevant project work.

Sustain Playbooks

Sustain a new normal with Standard Work Playbooks® to organize knowledge and retain results longer.

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Content Friendly

Add virtually any media type to your playbook. Switch from PowerPoint files and video files to audio notes and web content to customize your content.

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Access Shared Files

Add templates, forms, and useful files to Standard Work Playbooks® that can be downloaded and shared to drive standardization throughout your organization.

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Segment your Lean environment based on department or site. Each community is a separate environment with its own users, content, and themes.

Engage Everyone

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Team Messaging

Communicate easily with your team to create cohesion and goals. Host healthy discussions around events or deliverables.

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Track engagement by encouraging competition and keeping score! Earn points and badges to self-nominate for certifications and belts.

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Reporting Tools

Generate reports to track team progress and identify the key process indicators that are of significance to your team.