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Lean Journey Maps

Lean Journey Maps are like GPS for your kaizen. Receive step by step, turn by turn directions so you can focus on leading and not memorizing each step. Select a Lean Journey Map that works for your team.

LEAN Micro-Lessons

Experience lean learning with "Point of Use" learning with micro lessons, explainer videos, webinars, white papers, podcasts and blog posts. Learn on demand, right when you and your team need to know it. Turn hours of training into minutes, and watch your team's productivity soar.

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Digitize Kaizen Deliverables

Your kaizen team will be very proud of the work they accomplished, but it won't be easy to explain all those stickies and flip chart paper to people who were not in the room. Digitize your kaizen deliverables by submitting them to the Lean Journey team. The Lean Journey team will digitize and review them with your team for edits and updates.

Finalize Deliverables

Now that the products of your kaizen have been digitized, collaborate with your cross-functional team to review and update deliverables. Share files with teammates and assign responsibilities for review. All deliverables are checked against safety and quality standards.

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Digital Process Playbooks

Standard work is critical to maintaining any LEAN improvement. With Digital Process Playbooks, your standard work becomes easy to navigate, and provides access to high level process introductions, key process deliverables, process podcasts, and swim lane process maps.

Deployment & Engagement Dashboard

Crisp, up to date dashboards allow you to stay in the know and track your team's engagement and process deployment. Be able to provide resources and help to keep your team on track, while acknowledging the work the team has done.

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Annualized Business Impact

A high level of precision with deployment and a high level of engagement across teams yields annualized business impact that will impress investors and secure the type of ROI all leaders need. Track business impact by team for each month or quarter and watch the results of your Lean Journey.